Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And the Nominees for the Darwin Award Are ...

A Cambridge, Ontario, man (mercifully unnamed by the Waterloo Region Record), managed to run himself down with his own car -- and no accomplices. That's quite an accomplishment. Initially, the police presumed that he had been hit by another driver while walking through the parking lot of a Hespeler-area drug store. Seems like a reasonable assumption. Not so, they soon learned.

Yesterday, they disclosed that the car that hit the victim was his own. The man parked in the lot last Tuesday and was walking away when he tried to push the alarm button on his key chain, police said. He instead activated his remote car starter.

The standard-transmission car, which had been left in first gear, revved to life and drove at its owner. The man was stuck between the front of his car and the back of a van when emergency crews arrived.

Fortunately, the 32 year old man survived to dust himself off and tell the tale (or not), but sustained injuries to his legs and back. Unfortunately for him, the McGuinty government delisted chiropractics from the public health plan about four years ago.

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