Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mr. Harper: Tame These Commissions

Rex Murphy, in today's (Saturday) Globe and Mail takes aim at the "capricious role of monitoring speech and thought" of Canada's Human Rights Commissions.

The comments section of the Globe is cloaked behind a firewall. So, it may be well worth picking up the hardcopy at the Quicki-Mart while you're getting smokes, or milk, or jerky, or whatever.

Just a sampling:

"The rulings of human rights commissions have the flavour of an agenda. They seem to have a problem with traditional religious organizations and religious speech. They are the very hall prefects of 'progressive' political correctness, answerable in their judgments and methods it seems only to themselves."

The rest is a proper scolding (really a wake-up call) for the Prime Minister to weigh in here, and offer some direction and leadership from the top. Perhaps we won't have to wait too much longer for that. Take a bow, Jason Kenney, for wandering into the belly of the beast yesterday in Calgary and telling them exactly what they didn't want to hear. And nice touch bringing Ezra along to join you at the head table.

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